My name is Daria Morgendorffer and my life is something that no one really concern about. I'm just here because I'm utterly disappointed of the human race. If you want to ask me why I hate people so much, just remember that you are one of those Lord's specimens called person too.


Hey people

Hello, long time no see. I haven’t been posting anything lately and I apologize. I was in a not really pleasant family trip. Now that I’ve got some spare time and access to my computer, I want to open dialogue: why do you think that a show about my personal ife (a pretty boring life) was one of the best shows about personal growing ,teenage fears/new experiences? Unless, of course, If you are one of those who watched me because of my sense of humor and bright personality, you don’t have the need of answer this question. Keep on loving me, I’ll be your John Lennon.You can kill me if you want, I have no problem.

Hope you find this topic interesting. Or not.


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